White Oil Only Melt Blown Absorbent Pad

White Oil Only Melt Blown Absorbent Pad
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Product Description
JXY Meltblown standard Oil Only Absorbent Pads are typically used to skim oil off of water. The open fiber construction draws hydrocarbon-based fluids into the center of the pads and/or rolls, while repelling water. Our products will control costs and improve the working conditions while effectively cleaning up oil spills.


Dimension:40cm x 50cm x 2mm(3mm,4mm),43cm x 48cm x 2mm(3mm,4mm), or Customized

Qty Per Bale:100pcs per Bale

Main Features
- Meltblown Absorbent Pads are ideal for soaking up oil, fuel, grease, transmission fluid, coolants, and many other liquids except water
- White Oil Only Absorbent Pads are made from meltblown polypropylene allowing them to handle the toughest outdoor environments
- Oil Only Absorbent Pads can be used for many outdoor MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operations) spill control applications as the pads repel water.
- Pads can be wrung out and incinerated after use.
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