Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Wheel

Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Wheel
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May 9, 2018
Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Wheel

Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Is Used For PCD Reamers Grinding. It Enjoys High Grinding Power,Long Working Life, Good Surface Quality.
Type: 1A1 , 14A1
Application: PCD Reamers Grinding
Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheel Is Used For PCD Tools Grinding With Large Cylindrical Grinding Machines.The PCD Tools In Automotive Industry Include PCD Profile Cutters, PCD Reamers And PCD Milling Cutters.

Advantages Of Cylindrical Diamond Wheels:
Enjoys Strong Sharpness, High Self-Sharpening Good Surface Finish After Grinding.
High Efficiency,Less Dressing Time,Long Service Life And Stable Quality.

Specifications Of Cylindrical Diamond Wheels:
D (Mm)
T (Mm) H (Mm) X (Mm) U (Mm)
14A1 cylindrical diamond wheel 300
20 127 10 10
350 20 127 10 6
400 35 152.4 10 7
Other Specification Can Be Made According To Customers Requirement.