opp adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine

opp adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine
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1) Product Name : BOPP adhesive tape slitting rewinding machine
2) Funcation: BOPP adhesive tape roll making machine, to make it from the BOPP jumbo roll to small finished roll
3) Mian Technical Parameters:
1. Valid width:1350mm
2. Max unwind diameter: 600mm
3. Slitting width: 12-1280mm
4. I.D of paper core: : (4 shafts) :76.2mm-150mm
(2shafts ) :76.2mm-300mm
5. Knives: Razor blades
6. Power:5 HP
7. Voltage : 3 phase 380V/50HZ as customized
8. Machine Speed: 0-180m/min

4) Advantage
1. Accuracy of length
2. High effciency
3. Easy operating

5 ) Feature:
1. Centralized control panel:All operation controls. For this machine are centralized in a control panel.

2. Three-step length setting: this length setting provides extremly smooth rewinding operations to gives accurate rewinding length.

3. Automatic shaft change, once the rewinding operation is accomplished,
the machine will automatically per form shaft changes for convenient and effcient operations.

4. Labeling indication: this plate is attached with a reference line for labeling instruction.
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