Black High Quality CAT E70 E110B 308 Rubber Track made in China

Black High Quality CAT E70 E110B 308 Rubber Track made in China
NO. 1, Tianzheng Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong, 264003, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Construction Machinery Parts


CAT E70 E110B 308 Rubber Track

Rubber tracks are continuous track which are made of rubber moulding, the heart is reinforced with fabric and a number of wire ropes, the outside of it is spinose, the inside of it has a driver. The steel transmission is embedded in the vulcanized rubber track. The main parameters of rubber track are pitch, number of segments, width of crawler, pattern of pattern, embedded metal parts, etc.

The sprocket is mounted on the walking reducer and is used for winding the track to ensure the mechanical driving operation. The driving wheel for rubber track is a convex tooth profile. There is bending stress in the crawler, which can cause fatigue damage of crawler, so the diameter of the driving wheel is not too small.

The track roller, top roller and guide wheel are respectively mounted on both sides of the track teeth, and are pressed on the rubber plane. The flange is wider in order to prevent the cutting and serious compression of rubber. Moreover, due to the higher gear teeth, the wheel body is larger.
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