Safe Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrester

Safe Retractable Wire Rope Fall Arrester
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Category:Other Safety Products
Quick Information
Brand Name: xiangfa
Place of Origin: China
Model Number : 08
Description of safety helmets
1.wire rope fall arrestretractable fall arrester
2. corrosion-resistant, non-disassembling

Standard: ISO9001:2008
1. Initiate " double U shape brake tooth" technique, its action is safe and reliable.
2. Brake system utilizing special material, special fabrication processing, and it is anti corrosive, shockproof and wearproof.
3. One step shaping Aluminmun alloy shell, and it is light, corrosion-resistant, non-disassembling.
4. Both tips utilizing non-skid hook.
5. Offer multi-distance action radius, no need to change suspension point in working.
6. This products can stop dropping automatically within 0.2 meter to make worker safe, when the speed of steel wire rope is more than 1m/sec.
7. Material: aero-wires, special spliced sling,and it is feature flame retardant, heat resisting, anti corrosive, safe and reliable.
8. Special appearance, look nice.

Safety Falling Protector has the advantages of reasonable design, novel structure and advanced process, with short falling distance, small impact force, stable lock, high safety factor, convenient use, large range of activity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, light weight, convenient carrying and so on. According to the range of working range 3-50M, it solves the disadvantages of frequent replacement of suspension position and big drop.

Safety falling protector, fall arrester in line construction is with the staff free to rise and fall in the rising and falling. It can stuck wire rope when you fall.It is used to avoid the fall of casualties in the power tower or other high-altitude operations.

This product is divided into nylon rope, wire rope and ACSR. You need to specify which one you need when you order.

product parameter
Item Model
J-Z-3 J-Z-5 J-Z-10 J-Z-15 J-Z-24
Radius(m) 3 5 10 15 24
Speed(m/s) 2
Capacity(kg) 150
Self-locking(m) ≤0.2
Maximum load 12kN
Age (years) 2-10
Impact force ≤6.0kN
Net weight(kg) 0.7 1.2 2.8 4 5.8

Wire rope
product parameter
Item Model
TS-3 TS-5 TS-7 TS-10 TS-15 TS-20 TS-30 TS-40
Radius(m) 3 5 7 10 15 20 30 40
Speed(m/s) 1
Capacity(kg) 100
Brake distance(m) ≤0.2
Braking strength(N) ≥8900
Age (years) 2-10
Net weight(kg) 1.2kg 1.7kg 2kg 2.6kg 4.5kg 5.6kg 6.6kg 8kg
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