Kaydon brand MT series slewing bearing MTE/STE-324T

Kaydon brand MT series slewing bearing MTE/STE-324T
Ding Ding Road, Xi Gong Industry, Luoyang, Henan, 471000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Slewing Bearings


The bearing section of MT series turntable bearings is rectangular, with dimensions ranging from 4 inches to 47 inches, 100 to 1,200 mm.This series of products is the most cost-effective.The internal structure of the bearing includes deep groove raceway and maximum size ball.This structure enables the series to withstand higher torque, thrust, and radial loads than typical four-point contact ball bearings.The bearing groove has a larger size of perfect seal and non-contact dust cover, which has certain effect on preventing pollutants.This design enables the series to perform well in many applications from light to heavy loads.

MT series bearings can provide toothless MTO and external toothless MTE.This series of mte-324 below USES the double involute short tooth gear, the larger model USES the involute short tooth gear.All models reach AHMAQ6 precision.Type end with "T" suffix, with threaded mounting hole.Thread depth is at least 1.5 times nominal aperture.With the suffix "X" at the end of the model, it has stronger bearing capacity.

Application environment,MT series bearings are widely used from light load to heavy load.Small size products are application: manipulator, cantilever crane, auxiliary lifting equipment, workpiece locator.Large size products are used for: hoisting crane, cable car/elevator, crane, small wind turbine, non-precision positioning platform, industrial robot, etc.

FRB BEARINGS CO., LTD, carefully manufacturing, global service, warmly welcome you to come to inquiry.The MTO series and MTE series produced by our company include:

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MTE series:
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