KD210series flanged slewing ring231.20.0900.013Typ21-1050.0

KD210series flanged slewing ring231.20.0900.013Typ21-1050.0
Ding Ding Road, Xi Gong Industry, Luoyang, Henan, 471000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Slewing Bearings


The KD210 series bearings have flanges on one or two rings with dimensions ranging from 500 mm to 1200mm.Flange design reduces weight and allows device designers to more flexibly design the shape of adjacent mounting structures and the arrangement of bolts.RK series are suitable for a variety of applications when large size and light weight are the dominant factors in selecting bearing.The design features a deep groove raceway, which allows the bearing to bear radial, axial and torque loads at the same time.The spacing between the spacer ball and the bearing ball can reduce the torque of the rotation resistance, and the better performance can be obtained in the case of swinging motion.Perfect phase seal to help remove contaminants.

KD210 series bearing in light load, medium load cases have a wide range of applications, including: handling robot, packaging robot, painting robot, small crane, derrick and elevators, the industrial position sensor and rotary table, rotating chute, stretch wrapping machine, bottling machine, conveyor and related handling equipment, rotating display and so on.

KD210 series flange slewing ring
Toothless flange slewing bearing type:
230.20.0400.013 Typ 21/520.0,230.20.0500.013 Typ 21/650.0,230.20.0600.013 Typ 21/750.0,230.20.0700.013 Typ 21/850.0,230.20.0800.013 Typ 21/950.0,230.20.0900.013 Typ 21/1050.0,230.20.1000.013 Typ 21/1200.0,230.20.0400.503 Typ 21/520.0,230.20.0700.503 Typ 21/850.0,230.20.0600.503 Typ 21/750.0,230.21.0475.013 Typ21/520.0,230.21.0575.013 Typ21/650.0,230.21.0675.013 Typ21/750.0,230.21.0775.013 Typ21/850.0,230.21.0875.013 Typ21/950.0,230.21.0975.013 Typ21/1050.0,230.21.1075.013 Typ21/1200.0

External flange slewing bearing type:
231.20.0400.013 Typ 21/520.0,231.20.0500.013 Typ 21/650.0,231.20.0600.013 Typ 21/750.0,231.20.0700.013 Typ 21/850.0,231.20.0800.013 Typ 21/950.0,231.20.0900.013 Typ 21/1050.0,231.20.1000.013 Typ 21/1200.0,231.20.0400.503 Typ 21/520.0,231.20.0500.503 Typ 21/650.0,231.20.0900.503 Typ21/1050.0,231.21.0475.013 Typ21/520.0,231.21.0575.013 Typ21/650.0,231.21.0675.013 Typ21/750.0,231.21.0775.013 Typ21/850.0,231.21.0875.013 Typ21/950.0,231.21.0975.013 Typ21/1050.0,231.21.1075.013 Typ21/1200.0

Internal flange slewing bearing type:
232.20.0400.013 Typ 21/520.0,232.20.0500.013 Typ 21/650.0,232.20.0600.013 Typ 21/750.0,232.20.0700.013 Typ 21/850.0,232.20.0800.013 Typ 21/950.0,232.20.0900.013 Typ 21/1050.0,232.20.1000.013 Typ 21/1200.0,232.20.0900.503 Typ 21/1050.0,232.20.0800.503 Typ 21/950.0,232.20.0900.503 Typ 21/1050.0,232.21.0475.013 Typ21/520.0,232.21.0575.013 Typ21/650.0,232.21.0675.013 Typ21/750.0,232.21.0775.013 Typ21/850.0,232.21.0875.013 Typ21/950.0,232.21.0975.013 Typ21/1050.0,232.21.1075.013 Typ21/1200.0
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