optical lens

optical lens
Block 34, WangFeng DaYangTian Development Area, Shajing, Bao`an District, ShenZhen, GuangDong, 518104, China
Warranty:2 years
Category:LED Lenses & Reflectors


Models:LKD-4X12series/LKD-3X10-series/LKD-AC4X6-series Angle: 62°X144°,90°, 120°, 30° * 30° 90° *90° 60° * 60° matching LED: Cree 2835 3030 size: L250 xW 74 mm material: optical level PC and heat-resistant: - 40 ° ~ 120 ° standard: SGS/ROHS environmental protection authentication application: suitable for solar street lamps, communities and the new rural lighting, street lighting and other LED applications at a high speed.Product features: 1. The surface is in the shape of peanut meters, with good evenness and good light efficiency.2. Matched LED with uniform light spots, no astigmatism, no black spots, and very high transmittance without shadow, can maximize LED light utilization rate;3. This product USES the high precision, aspheric optical design, original installation import optical PC raw materials, to ensure enough injection molding (reduce shrinkage products) we have good quality, and strict with product, all conform to the country and the export standards, the product USES the antistatic shockproof packaging.All products have passed SGS certification and meet ROHS environmental requirements
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