power sequence controller 12channels

power sequence controller 12channels
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Double panel + SMT technology and we use OMRON relay (normally apply air conditioner, and can sustain 80A of surge current attach). Real copper socket to assure our super high quality.

12 gangs timer control. Each gang of AC220V 10A multifunctional socket, can independently be controlled or locked up by switch.

Totally maximum 63A sustainable. , equipped by DELIXI 63A twin pole air switch. Voltmeter display.

Double class 40A double purify EMI filter(CISPR and FCC certificated) power supply system(the filter type).It can
eliminate electromagnetism interference to make sure stable running of the system and obviously improve the sound quality of the acoustic system.

MCU intelligent control with different control interface:
A: For direct control, key lock and infrared control.
B: Outer control, emergency/outer control DC24V level electrical interface, REM IN (TTL) DC5V interface, standard
RS232 serial port(IN/OUT), standard RS485 serial port.
Needed for central control, we offer serial port communication protocol to all customer. And we have a software for PC
to set program to make one or more systems work together, via RS232 or RS485 serial port.
Infrared remote control for each gang, function as below:
C: Normally open mode or timer control mode for each gang.
D: When the socket at sequence control, it can set the delay time. Up to 99 minutes settable for any special requirement such as projector.
E: Reset the machine to original factory setting.
19 inches and 3Unit box, aluminum alloy panel, black.
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