Custom Disposable Colored OPS Sheet

Custom Disposable Colored OPS Sheet
The Fifth Industry Zone, NanShan, Shenzhen, GuangDong, China 518051
Category:Plastic Film
pplications: snack box and tray, cake box and tray, fresh meat tray, inner container, medicine tray, sushi box and tray and packaging for other food.

Products colors: white, pale yellow, blue, orange, brown, black and other customized colors.

Colored OPS sheet is made by adding right amount of color masterbatch to the melting granular materials, which can bring particular color (translucent or opaque) to the sheet. The food packaging made from colored OPS sheet is in bright colors and really beautiful.

range of the sheet thickness 100 to 750 um
range of Roll width 330 to 1500mm(<3300mm)
coating no coating/one side silicone/double sides silicone
size of roll core 3 inches(7.62cm), 6 inches(15.24cm)
Common Diameter of Roll 38cm(carton)/56cm/68cm(horizontal)/72cm/75cm/100cm
Common size of Pallet 1120*1120mm/1450*750mm/725*725mm/1400*1130mm
Type of pallet Can be lifted on single /double/all side(s)
Application temperature –20 to +80
expiry 24 months
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