Lock crimped wire mesh

Lock crimped wire mesh
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Lock crimped wire mesh

1.Standard:GB/T 13307-1991
2.Material of crimped wire mesh :stainless steel wire,steel wire,copper wire,galvanized wire.
3.Weave types: single lock crimped wire mesh,double lock crimped wire mesh.
Crimped wire mesh specification:
1).double lock crimped mesh: 1.5-4.8mm wire diameter, 10-25mm aperture.
2).single lcok crimped mesh: 0.8-5.0mm wire diameter,5-10mm aperture.
5.Lock Crimped Mesh Screening Characteristics:
1).Double lock crimped wire mesh
>Warp wire and weft wire are of equal size. Deep crimps lock wires in contact points
>the crimping locks offering further assurance of no wire movement
>This weave prevents materials from slipping down
2).Single lock crimped wire mesh (slot hole):
>Economical manufacturing and large opening size.
>Great open area for increasing flow where binding or clogging can be a problem
>Various kinds of slot length can screen materials in various kinds of different length.
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