HIPS Multi Layer Sheet Production Line

HIPS Multi Layer Sheet Production Line
Guangdong Road, Beiguan Industrial Park, Jiaozhou City, Qingdao, Shandong, 266300, China
Category:Plastic Extruders
This production line is capable of continuously producing mono-layer or multi-layer PE, PP, ABS, PS, PMMA, ASA, HIPS plate and sheet with the width less than 3000mm and thickness of 0.25-30mm. the products are widely used in the field of refrigerator, air conditioner, auto, advertisements, and construction, environmental protection, etc.
Advantages of this production line:
1. For different plastics, a special screw is specially designed to ensure the plasticization of the material and the quality of the product. Such as PP, PE, ABS, PMMA, ASA, HIPS
2. The pressure rods with multi-head spiral channel design, so that the roller surface temperature is more uniform, the product surface quality is better
3. Three groups of temperature control, each group independent control, temperature control can guarantee the range of ± 3 °C
4. Each of the three groups of temperature control systems has a separate cooling device to ensure reliable and reliable temperature rise and fall.
5. Three calender rollers with independent motor drive, variable frequency speed control, and can be adjusted freely Product pull ratio
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