HDPE Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line

HDPE Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line
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Jul 4, 2018
Sep 29, 2018
Single-wall corrugated pipe is a new type plastic pipe.Compared with metal, ceramic, concrete and other pipes, double-wall corrugated pipe has many advantage such as lower weight, lower cost, erosion resistance, smooth inside-wall , high intensity, abrasion resistance, easy connection and so on. So it is used widely for sewerage and drainage system(larger diameter), cable protection system(smaller diameter), etc.

The inner and outer surfaces of a single-wall corrugated pipe are corrugated, and their bending and flexibility are excellent, but their fluid resistance is large, and the deposition of suspended matter at the inner surface of the spiral groove is easy to occur. Therefore, PVC single-wall corrugated pipe is mostly a small-diameter pipe with a thin wall and a low strength requirement that needs to be bent freely, such as a thread pipe, a drain pipe, and an exhaust pipe.
Environment Condition
Location Indoors
Power Supply No dangerous area
Humidity degree ≤90%
Temperature 0-40℃

Advantages of this production line
1. Closed rail design, no chain connection between modules, easy to replace modules
2. The module uses 40CR nitriding, more wear-resistant and durable
3. Molding machine has power off, broken shaft protection device, in the event of an accident, the molding machine can automatically back off, so that the module and the head off
4. Pipe forming using pneumatic forming
5. Duplex rewinding