Hydraulic Square knife gate valve

Hydraulic Square knife gate valve
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Warranty:1 year


FREE-Valve’s hydraulic square knife gate valves are unidirectional knife edge gate valve used on industrial pipeline for on-off operation. It is a fabricated square or rectangular port low pressure for highly solid loaded fluids or solids,mainly used in bulk handling and silo outlet applications in industries.
1)The same construction as standard knife gate valve.
2)Body and gate in rectangular valve shape.
3)Same actuators and accessories as standard.
4)Rising stem tight model.
5)Square flange ends

Technical Specification:
1.Size Range:DN200xDN200.......DN1200xDN1200
2.Pressure Range: Class 150 /PN6 /PN10
3.Applicable Temperature.: 0~120℃
4.Connection Type: Square flange
5.Sealing material: Rubber,Metal seal 
6.Body Material: Carbon steel,stainless steel
7.Disc material:Stainless steel,carbon steel
Operating Mode: Hydraulic

FREE-VALVE’s hydraulic square knife gate valve is a powder, grain materials, small particle materials and the flow of materials or delivery of the main control equipment ,it was widely used in metallurgical, mining, building materials, food, chemical and other industries control the rapid flow of change or cut off. 
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