Elevator Speedometer (Simple Type) ES-2100A

Elevator Speedometer (Simple Type) ES-2100A
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Elevator Speedometer (Simple Type) ES-2100A
This Elevator Speedometer is a compact and lightweight hand held speedometer, designed for adjustment, maintenance, and inspection of an elevator.

* LCD backlight display, it is easy to read the value of the test data even in dark places.
* Two measurement value (CH1/CH2) can be held.
* Low battery indicator function.

Measurement Section
Measurement method:Contact method
Measurement range:0.1~2,000.0m/min
Measurement accuracy:±1 count
Measurement time:10ms
Measurement unit:m/min
Auto power-off function:Turns OFF the power in 180 seconds after last operation.
Measurement value hold function:CH1 Value, CH2 Value

Detection Section
Number of pulses:400pulses/rotation, slit reflection method
Light source:Infrared LED
Light-receiving element:Photo diode
Allowable:5kg in radial direction, 5kg in thrust direction
Bearing life:2x107r/min·h(maximum load within specification)

Display Section
Display unit:5-digit backlight LCD (upper and lower display)
Update time:100ms
Resolution:0.1 (m/min: Number of averaging 10 or more)

General Specifications
Power supply:2x1.5v AA/UM-3 battery
Operating temperature:0~45˚C
Storage temperature:-10~60˚C
Operating humidity:35~85%RH
Storage humidity:35~85%RH
Weight (Including batteries):270g

Standard Accessories:
Main Unit
Circumferential Ring
External Hold Signal Cable x 2
Instruction Manual
Carrying Case

Optional Accessories:
Trigger Unit

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