Aluminium Rotomolding Mould Rotational Mold

Aluminium Rotomolding Mould Rotational Mold
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Aluminium Rotomolding Mould Rotational Mold
Our company specializes in producing all kinds of rotomoulding mold, according to the need to produce steel or aluminum mold.

(1) can produce all kinds of rotomoulding molds and products.

1. A variety of boxes, storage tank categories: such as rotomolding toolbox, rotomoulding box, rotomolding medical box, rotomolding food incubator, military box, turnover box, cold chain, Mold.
2. Various mechanical products plastic accessories: rolling plastic roof, water tanks, fuel tanks, rotomolding fender and other auto parts mold.
3. Plastic toys: rotomeric children's toys, rotomorphic kindergarten facilities, rotomolding recreational facilities, rotomolding fitness equipment mold.
4. All kinds of machinery plastic accessories: rotomolding washing machine, rotomolding blower, rotomolding polishing machine, rotomolding sweeping machine and other mold.
5. A variety of leisure furniture or outdoor products: rotomoulding tables and chairs combination, rotomorphic flower pots, rotomolding pots facilities mold.
6. Model props, road barriers, and a variety of supplies such as the base of fixed fixtures.

(2) can provide customers from the mold design, mold manufacturing, test mode, product manufacturing, assembly, inspection, packaging, shipping and other services.
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