1V1 Diamond grinding wheel for carbide

1V1 Diamond grinding wheel for carbide
Zhongyuan, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
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1V1 Diamond grinding wheel for carbide
1. for grooving and cutting with less procedure
2. Ultra-thin, High precision, Super hardness
3. Minimum thickness: 0.18mm
4. Max speed: 30K rounds/min.
5. Cutting speed: 5~10mm/sec.
6. Grit size(granularity): 80#~2000#
7. Cutting precision: ±0.005mm
8. Electroconductive
9. Working condition: dry or wet cutting
10. Additional function: slots for removing chips
11. Single wheel or bundle, both are available
12. Body core(steel/alumina) is enhancive
 Available Material:
1. Diamond
 2. Metal-bond diamond (hold the grits strongly, good wear resistance&shape maintenance)
3. Resin-bond diamond (the elastic resin bond makes the surface improved, super sharp)
4. CBN (mainly used for high-hardness materials grooving and cutting, like tool steel, mould steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, casting iron etc.)
Can be used for cutting:
1. Semiconductor materials
2. Oxide ceramic materials
3. Magnetic materials
4. Crystal, glass, quartz, carbide...etc.
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