Resin bonded double grinding disc

Resin bonded double grinding disc
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Double-Disc Surface Grinding Wheel
Double Disc Grinding in Automotive Parts Manufacturing

Grinding automotive three-pump parts series ceramic CBN grinding discs are suitable for flat grinding of automotive three-pump blades, rotors, stators, nozzles and other components.
Diameter: 380mm--1500mm
Aperture: 50mm--500mm
Base thickness: 50mm--100mm
Granularity: 80 mesh - 1500 mesh
Abrasive layer thickness: 5mm--10mm
Abrasive layer shape: cylindrical, hexagonal, fan-shaped.
Double-disc grinding wheel has long had a home in the automotive industry, where dedicated operations can take full advantage of its high productivity rates. Today, a number of advances allow double-disc grinders to meet requirements for improved performance in these traditional applications, and they also are opening the way to productive use in new applications. Capabilities are now available for easier machine operation, control flexibility, statistical process control (SPC), faster changeovers and setup, and applications on an expanded range of materials, including ceramics and graphite.
Double-disc grinding wheel Applicable equipment
Peter walter Japan koyo, Japan Fuji, Germany, Italy, Britain's m special import machine tools;Suitable for qinchuan development, Shanghai line diagram, hangzhou machine tool, such as domestic machine tool plant of xinxiang double end face grinding machine.
Supporting equipment: Xinxiang SKF, South Korea AM, Germany Pete Walter, UK Laimat and other domestic and foreign double-face grinder.
Double-disc grinding wheel Application
Ceramic diamond, CBN honing plateCeramic bond diamond millstone is mainly used for coarse grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding, grinding, polishing surface and inner hole grinding, grinding objects are: ceramics, gems, semiconductor materials, plane grinding blade, piston rings, bearing, etc, have the characteristics of long service life, low grinding cost, can greatly improve the efficiency of grinding, flatness, parallelism, processed products roughness completely satisfy the requirements of the customers.Grinding wheel specifications Ф 100 ~ Ф 1200 mm.Each set of grinding wheel processing parts number 500000 ~ 1500000, roughness: Ra0.05 microns to Ra0.2 microns, flatness 2 microns or less, ∥ 2 microns or less.Single plate size error between parts for 1 ~ 2 microns.
Double-disc grinding wheel features
1.High precision diamond grinding disc grinding and polishing once completed.
2.To shorten the processing time, in a short period of time to achieve high precision surface.
3.The original colour and lustre Bai Jinliang workpiece surface is metal.
4.For stainless steel plate, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy in the process of grinding, non-stick silk night, difficult to jam.
5.No scratches, no workpiece surface pitting.6. This product service life is long, reduce grinding disc wheel changed frequently.
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