HCET-A TB02 Small Thermal Switch for battery tubular motor

HCET-A TB02 Small Thermal Switch for battery tubular motor
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HCET-A/TB02 Series Thermostat
HCET-A/TB02 series is a precise protector with small size. It is sensitive, accurate and reliable, especially suitable for heat cable, battery protection board, micro-motor and security protection of transformer. The patent number: ZL2013 20699495.2
Special Features:
● Small size, Installation is more flexible and convenient;
● Have the stable work characteristics and excellent reliability;
● Sensitive temperature and snap action;
● Nickel and wires are optional;
● Each type of parts strictly implemented European ROHS environmental standards;
● Terminals are optional with normally closed Model B and normally open Model K
Electrical Characteristics:
● 2.5A/250 V AC
● 5A/120 V AC
● 10A/12 V AC
● 5A/24 V AC
Technical Parameters:
● Action temperature from 30℃-155℃, Every 5 ℃ a specification. Temperature is optional and customized.
● Temperature tolerance:±3℃,±5℃.
Main Applications are as follows:
● Battery pack, Li battery protect board
● Electrical tools
● PC board, temperature sensitive cable
● Heating-pads, electrical blankets
● Fluorescent ballasts and lightings, transformers
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