CQ Stainless steel magnetic pump

CQ Stainless steel magnetic pump
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413709990
Magnet pump
CQ Series magnet pump is the new centrifugal pump used with magnetic coupling. The material of magnet pump has the stainless steel and reinforced polypropylene and engineering plastic etc. The pump has the advantages of reasonable design and entire seal and no leak and anticorrosion characteristic. The rotary seal replaces the stationary seal to insure no leak because the parts which contact with liquids are entirely sealed. Magnet pump is made of engineering plastic with anticorrosion and high strength and ceramic and stainless steel to insure good anticorrosion performance.
Magnet pump has single structure and good appearance and small volume and low noise and reliable operation. The pump is widely used to transport the acid and alkali and oil and toxin and volatile liquids in chemical industry, pharmacy, petroleum, electroplate and food, etc. It is very suitable for leaky and flammable and explosive liquids.
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