DY Horizontal multistage centrifugal oil pump

DY Horizontal multistage centrifugal oil pump
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Aug 15, 2018
DY series multistage centrifugal oil pump is used to transport the oil and oil products without solid grains. Oil temperature: -20 degree celsius´Ż×150 degree celsius. The oil viscosity is less than 120 centipoise.
Performance Range:
Q=6.3-450m3/h, Head=50-660m (Middle and low pressure) 409-1056 (high pressure)
Shaft seal is flexible gland packing or mechanical seal. High pressure pump is normally with slip bearing of thin lubricate. Other pumps are roll bearing of dry lubricate. Middle and low pressure is made of cast iron and high pressure pump is made of cast steel and stainless steel.
The pump is horizontal single suction multistage sect centrifugal pump with high efficiency and long life and convenient maintenance etc.

The pump can be used to transport clear water without solid grains and suspension and other liquids similar to clear water in physical and chemical characteristic. It can also be used to transport the hot water and oil and corrosive and abrasive liquids by changing material of pump and flow parts and seal and cooling system etc.