ZERO100TF Target Flow Meter

ZERO100TF Target Flow Meter
Dalian Zero Instrument Technology Co., Ltd China
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Aug 21, 2018
Based on the measurement theory of flow meter, ZERO instrument developed a series of novel pressure influence target mode flow meters which utilize the modern sensor and computer technology. They have not only immovable characteristics such as of the Target Flow meter, Hole Board Flow meter and Turbine Flow meter, but also measure accuracy comparable to Cub age Flow meter. Since their characteristic of anti-interfere, anti-impurity, portability and reliability, they have been widely used in many fields of petroleum, chemical industry, energy, foodstuff, environment protection, water conservancy and so on. The flow meters are applicable to the following ranges::

Diameter ,Φ15~Φ2000mm or bigger.
High and low temperature, -196℃~+450℃.
High pressure : 0~
2) Characteristics

Measurement flow of liquid, gas, steam, ropy mediums or ambulatory mediums in low, normal or high temperature condition.
Total quantity measurement accuracy is not less than 0.2%.
High sensitivity, able to measure very low velocity below 0.8m/s.
No movable part, safe and reliable.
Wide measure range, bigger than 1:30.
Good repeatability, generally 0.1~08% , fast to measure.
Small pressure loss, only about 1/2△P of Standard Hole Board.
Able to adopt hang weight method to test the flow meter.
Measurement range can be changed by replacing target according to need.
LCD display.
4-20mA, 0-10V, impulse, and RS485 outputs.
Easy installation and maintain.