High-Efficiency Thermal Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purification & Filtration Equipment

High-Efficiency Thermal Vacuum Hydraulic Oil Purification & Filtration Equipment
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Warranty:1 year
Category:Machine Oil Purifier


TYA Series High-Efficiency Vacuum Lubricating Oil Purifier is specially used for purifying Lubricating oil, Hydraulic oil, Gear oil, Coolant oil, Mechanical oil, Heat treatment oil, etc.

TYA can effectively remove gas, water, impurities and other contaminants from oil, and strongly demulsify, by which to reduce oil's water content and impurity content, improve oil cleanness.

After purification, the oil’s technical parameters and properties are improved, prolonging oil service life and ensuring safety operation of industrial equipment.

TYA Lubricating Oil Purifier is widely used for various industries such as the mine, metallurgy, electric power, transportation, manufactures etc., where need to maintain lubricating systems.

Technical Features:

1. Three stage filtration system (primary filter, secondary filter, fine filter) with gradually increasing filtration precision, removing impurities as much as possible.

2. Large area three-dimensional flash distillation technology, removing gas and water efficiently.

3. Strong ability of demulsification, separating oil and water efficiently.

4. Humanized design, all necessary control buttons and indicator lights are equipped on the control panel which provides easy control for operation and supervision.

5. High-efficiency electric heating system controlled by automatic constant temperature controller, heating the oil uniformity, avoiding oil deterioration, less power consumption.

6. Equipped with double-infrared oil level controller: During the running of the machine, it will control the oil pump start and stop automatically, ensuring the balance between oil inlet and outlet.

7. Equipped with pressure controller: During the running of the machine, if the working pressure exceed the setting value, the machine will stop running automatically.

8. Equipped with emergency stop switch: During the running of the machine, if there has any emergency situation, the machine will stop running immediately.

9. Interlocking protection mechanism, connecting vacuum pump and heater, avoiding blank pumping, blank heating, safe and reliable.
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