Cost-Effective Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification/ Filtration/ Dehydration Machine

Cost-Effective Vacuum Turbine Oil Purification/ Filtration/ Dehydration Machine
No. 33 Xijiao Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, 400050, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Machine Oil Purifier


TY series oil purifier machine is mainly used to purify turbine oil from generator sets. It can rapidly remove the water content, gases and solid impurities in used oil, and improve the oil quality to ensure a normal work of the generator sets adjustment and lubrication system. It is quite suitable to purify turbine oil, hydraulic oil and the low viscosity oil that contains lots of water or tiny particles which need to be precisely processed.

More models for TY:

Series TY Turbine oil purifier
Series TY-A fully automatic turbine oil purifier (equipped with PLC fully automatic controller)
Series TY-M mobile turbine oil purifier (equipped with trailer and enclosure)
Series TY-W fully enclosed turbine oil purifier (equipped with enclosure)
Series TY-Ex explosion-proof turbine oil purifier


1. Adopts coalescence and separation and Duplex-Stereo film evaporation technology. Unique and advanced dewatering, degassing components. Rapidly and effectively separate water, gases etc.
2. Optimized electric heating system with automatic constant temperature controller ensures the oil temperature to be even and stable.
3. Precise multi-stage filtration system removes different impurities with high quality filter element of stronger ability of containing pollutants and with long service life.
4. Advanced infrared oil level control system and pressure protection device make operation simple and safe.
5. Can purify any kinds of turbine oil used in steam turbine and water turbine online and onsite.
6. Air cooling system helps cool down air and gases from the vacuum vessel so as to extend the service life of vacuum pump, avoiding the inconvenience of water cooling.
7. Aluminum electric control cabinet has the merits of heat conducting and anti-explosion.
8. Adopts interlocked protective system.
9. High quality and low noise oil pump.
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