100% Polyester Fabric Hometextile Dress

100% Polyester Fabric Hometextile Dress
Zhaoba Industry Zone Shenze Country, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 052560, China
Category:100% Polyester Fabric



Material: 100% polyester
Yarn count and Density: 80D/42F
Weight: 185gsm
Width: 145g
Colour: OEM
Supply Type: Make to Order
Usage: T-shirt,Dress,Bedding set,Pajamas
Our company provides customized service for colors.
Our company could produce different weight or density fabric according to the customer’s requirements.
This fabric is usually used in T-shirt,dress,bedding,set and pajamas.


1.Perspiration and breathability: excellent materials, exquisite workmanship, scientific weaving texture, can guarantee full permeability and perspiration.
2.Soft skin and skin: Comfortable feel, soft fabric, no harmful addition, no harm to the skin, double skin care.


This product is only one of this kind fabric in our company.We have many different yarn count and density fabric.We also have our exclusive product.Our company provide customized service,so you could provide your yarn count and density.The products show on the website are just a part of our company,if you want to more information,please contact with us.
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