Super Thin Turbo Blade

Super Thin Turbo Blade
South Industrial Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
Category:Saw Blade


Super thin turbo blade

Our super thin turbo blade can be used with all kinds of ceramic tiles and porcelain´╝îespecially for the microlite, vitrified tiles and engineered stone. Super thin turbo segment and soft bond provides extremely fast cutting speed and good finishing.
Use dry or wet.

Item Number Diameter Segment Height (mm) Segment Width (mm) Arbor(mm)
TC105 4''/105mm 8/10 1.0-1.1 20/22.23
TC115 4.5''/115mm 8/10 1.1-1.2 20/22.23
TC125 5''/125mm 8/10 1.1-1.4 20/22.23
TC150 6''/150mm 8/10 1.2-1.4 20/22.23
TC180 7''/180mm 8/10 1.4-1.8 20/22.23/25.4
TC230 9''/230mm 8/10 1.6-2.0 20/22.23/25.4
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