Corrugated Roller

Corrugated Roller
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1.high precision hard chrome steel A C B E F G flute corrugated roller
2.Type: Hard Chrome & Tungsten Carbide
3.Used for carton box corrugator machine-Single Facer
1.Hard Chrome Type Corrugated Roller
•The upper and lower corruagted( corrugating, flute) roller for single facer machine
•Made of 48 CrMo alloy steel or tungsten carbide with hard treatment by laser,the hardness is above HRC58o-60o
•The surface is well treated by grind and plated chrome.
•Different type of flute according to user's request.
2.Tungsten Carbide Type Corrugated Roller
•Tungsten Carbide technology is best surface treatment of Corugated roll
•With Tungsten Carbide coat on the surface of flute, make the corrugated roller with high wearability. The lifetime of Corrugated Roller become more Longer lifetime.
•Tungsten Carbide corrugated roller with lower flute height, and height of teeth keep for long time, save flute paper and glue capacity, make the paperboard stable quality. More important is the flute height almost not change during whole running life.
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