Semi Automatic Pressing Gluing Machine

Semi Automatic Pressing Gluing Machine
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YX type semi automatic pressing type gluing machine, in recent years, small and medium-sized orders, according to user needs of heterosexual carton, carton production of the latest research and development of new environmental protection equipment.

Its small size to cover an area of little, operation is simple and does not require experience, very suitable for small batch production and varieties of replacement; wide application scope, ordinary cardboard boxes, special-shaped box sheet forming adhesive, double carton and earth covered carton;

Save the glue, the glue quantity is only equivalent to manual gluing 1 / 3; artificial equipment, a maximum speed of 56 M / min, efficiency is the manual operation of the 3-4 times;

Bonding firm, clean overflow of glue, patents are polished to remove UV optical coating, or coating plastic layer, improve the glue stick relay, lifting the carton plant in some seasonal carton easy open problem.

This machine adopts manual folding, improves the efficiency and is suitable for automatic processing of the indentation is not good, special sex and the paper surface with fenestration products.

The structure of this machine : the machine, paper feeding table, a conveying device, grinding device, coating device, conveying device, in the middle of the pressing device, the electrical control device.

2 gluer unit, 1 polish unit
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