electric ac synchronous motor

electric ac synchronous motor
No.2 Xinwang Road, Shuangqiaohe Indutrial Park, Jinnan District., Tianjin, 033300, China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413709190
Category:AC Motor


submersible pump motor.
The submersible 3-phase asynchronous motors are water-filled and sealed.Are mainly used in deep well to drive pump to lift underground water for production and living usage for plants ,mines,farm and others.It can also match other equipments that need work in water.
Application(please tell me your detail usage environment when you want to quote):a.the motor should be submerged into water and be vertical operated with depth no more than 70meters and the lowest distance to the bottom of the well is no less than 5 meters.b.The motor is continuous duty.c.Medium temperature can not higher than 20℃.d.Solid content of the medium should be no more than 0.01%(by weight).e.There is no corrosive things in the water,and the PH value should be 6.5-8.5.f.The motor must be filled with clean water.
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