Grinding Wheels In Vitrified Bond

Grinding Wheels In Vitrified Bond
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Sep 20, 2018
Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels for grinding PCD/PCBN cutting tools

Vitrified Bonded Diamond Wheel 
PCD, PCBN, CVD, ND, natural monocrystalline ceramic diamond grinding wheel
Vitrified Bond diamond Grinding Wheels for PCD cutter
Vitrified Bond abrasive
Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheels
Vitrified Diamond CBN Wheels

vitrified diamond grinding wheels
Vitrified Bond Grinding Wheels
vitrified bond diamond wheel
norton vitrified grinding wheels
vitrified diamond grinding wheels Detail:
Our vitrified diamond grinding wheels for PCBN and PCD tools have been produced in-house for many years. We production Superior quality grinding wheels for you. Increased feed rates, higher shaped effect, also has less heat making are just some of the advantages of our grinding wheels .
We have a team to contral the working conditions, so the vitrified bond diamond grinding wheels for PCBN and PCD with longer life,  superior edge quality.
Another, we supply for rough PCD/PCBN grinding by using 600, 800, 1000 mesh diamond. It Shows excellent performance with sharpen cutting, high wear resistance and no chip on wheel.
Fine grinding is using 3000, 4000, 5000 mesh diamond giving higher performance on PCD/PCBN cutters or workpiece.

Scope of use: fine grinding for PCD, PCBN hub cutter, round cutter, boring cutter, groove cutter, milling cutter, reamer, motor cutter, etc.

Vitrified bond diamond wheel features
A.high strength, good heat resistance,
B.cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency,
C.Vitrified grinding process is not easy to heat and blockage, a small amount of thermal expansion, easy to control the machining accuracy.

Compared with resin bonded grinding wheel
Vitrified bond diamond wheel solved the problem of low service life of resin diamond wheel, low grinding efficiency, abrasive change and odor in grinding process. Vitrified bond diamond wheel in the manufacturing process can be adjusted on the hardness and porosity, is conducive to the improvement of grinding performance, through a reasonable ratio and production control, will not produce deformation, it is also the use of the grinding wheel with high precision the reason.

Specification of vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel 
grinding wheel
  100*40*40*5*10 W20/28/40/10/5
100*40*40*10*10 W20/28/40/10/5
125*40*40*5*10 W20/28/40/10/5
125*40*40*7*10 W20/28/40/10/5
125*40*40*10*10 W20/28/40/10/5
125*40*40*15*10 W20/28/40/10/5
125*40*40*20*10 W20/28/40/10/5
150*40*40*3*10 W20/28/40
150*40*40*5*10 W20/28/40
150*40*40*10*10 W20/28/40
150*40*40*15*10 W20/28/40
150*40*40*20*10 W20/28/40