Home Theatre System LED Security TV Simulator Made in China

Home Theatre System LED Security TV Simulator Made in China
5 Floor, B Building, Anlibang Tech-Park, Xitian Village, Gongming Town, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Warranty:3 years

1.Changing colors---issued a similar dynamic light television, built-in light sensor automatically turn dark;

2.Power saving ---LED power, 2 watts, the equivalent of the light emitted by the light 42-inch TV. Do not drive a big screen TV costs of electricity scare thieves, and after 500 hours only waste 1W ;

3.Simple operation---The products consider different ages requirement;

4.Switcher automaitic---there is sensor with the timer and don't worry about forgetting to open the functions;

5.Product safety--- environmental protection through the United States, the EU safety certification and the EU environmental certification;

6.The switch has a fourth gear---Shutdown, dark +4 hours (blue lights) automatic start after dark, automatic standby after working four hours; dark +8 hours (red light), automatic start after dark, working eight automatic standby hours; open (weather work).

7.Automation - built-in light sensor to detect the surrounding environment is relatively light, the machine will automatically open. When the built-in ambient light sensor detects a black color, the machine will automatically turn on.

LED power:3W
LED color:white,green,red,blue
Options:dusk+4 hours,dusk+8 hours and 24hours all day time working
LED model:random
power source:power adapter
LED lifetime:30000 hours
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