ship launching landing salvage inflatable rubber airbags

ship launching landing salvage inflatable rubber airbags
Jimo Distrcit, Qingdao City, China
Warranty:2 years
Category:Other Marine Supplies
Ship launching airbags, are also knows as inflatable rubber airbags, lifting airbags,salvage airags. They are made of nature rubber with reinforced synthetic-tyre-cord layer. by reinforcement and vulcanization, improves the operation safety of the whole airbag. specialized rubber and processing technology enhances the strength of the airbag to a service life of 6~10 years. All performances of our airbags exceed relative international and china standards of ship and marine technology.

the airbag is featured with energy conservation and environment protection, reasonable structure and durability. The airbag body is round and smooth and the heads are safe and reliable. The airbags have been widely used domestically and overseas. The application of airbag has little specific site constraints and it does not large machinery or equipment, thus using airbags to launch or land ships can shorten project period and financially save a large amount. Through more than 20 years’ development and practice, airbag has been approved to be safe, effective, eco-friendly, flexible. Now it is widely used in ship launching and landing, caisson and heavy objects lifting and moving, assembling underwater etc.
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