Home security system led lights device RC-STV22

Home security system led lights device RC-STV22
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Brand name:OEM
Warranty:3 years


Fake TV is a small electronic device that produces exactly the same sort of light a real television makes.From ouside after dusk,it looks like someone must be home watching TV. Fake TV light mimics the effects of secene changes,color shifts,an on screen motion.Fake TV give the impress of"people home",and that make your home an unappealing target for a break in.

LED power:3W
LED color:white blue green red
LED model:random
Options:dusk+4 hours,dusk+8 hours and 24hours all day time.
LED lifetime:30000 hours
Simulations of optical sensors and color changes, fades, and screens on mobile
power source: power adapter
package contents
led tv simulator
power adapter


Fake TV/Home Security TV is a fashion creative and green home security product.
With a Home Security TV turning on, looking from outside, it looks just like someone is at home and watching TV.
Home Security TV is a light on a timer, Simulates scene and color changes, fades, and on-screen motion. Home Security TV make light same as the light from a HD television. It is constantly changing, and gives the impression of "alive."
Fake TV says "alive”, so when a burglar steps into your house, he knows to move on to an easy target. He will not move forward.
Buying a Fake TV and make your home an unappealing choice for a break-in, reduce your chance of becoming the next burglary victim.
You should never slack off your security precautions. You still need good locks. But, you can make your home look occupied, and thus improve your odds, for a remarkably modest price, and with no hassle at all.
This fake TV can be used at any time, such as when you gone outside in the evening or a perfect choice for vacations, it can make a vacation home or vacant property look lived-in.
Power saving designed with LED technology, it consumes just the power of a night-light, less than 3W.
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