Pneumatic rubber fender ship berthing bumper

Pneumatic rubber fender ship berthing bumper
Jimo Distrcit, Qingdao City, China
Warranty:2 years
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Pneumatic rubber fender is a bumper with air as bumping media. Impact energy is absorbed by compressed air so that the ship can berth softly to protect the ship from bumping.This fender is featured with high strength,friction resistance, high energy absorption and low force reaction.It is widely used for oil tankers,container vessels,yachts,ocean platforms, large wharf,naval ports,etc.

It has various sizes of D0.5m x L1~ D4.5m x L9m.
This fender can be protected by tire net and can be used without tire net as well.
Fender with tire net: Fender body is wrapped with a tire net.It can protect the fender body and lengthen the life of the fender.
The tires are specially treated to have a good looking. The net has chain tire net,rope tire net, steel wire tire net,chain tire net with rubber sleeves.

1.The advantages of pneumatic rubber fender
1.1  Reinforced synthetic-tire-cord layers
1.2  No mold vulcanization and attach surrounding molding process
1.3  High energy absorption and low reaction force
1.4  Good adaptability to tilt in contact
1.5  Floating on the surface of the water, ship swaying can apply
2.Structure characteristics of the pneumatic rubber fender
LuHang  Pneumatic Rubber  Fenders made of an outer rubber, reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layer, and inner rubber, vulcanized firmly.
A]. the outer rubbers are used to protect the cord layers and inner rubber from abrasion and other external forces. This rubber compound have sufficient tensile and tear resistance strength to withstand anticipated weather conditions and severe usage.
B]. the reinforcement synthetic-tyre-cord layer strong enough to maintain the internal air pressure of the fender.
C]. the inner rubber layer seals the pressurized air inside the fender.
D]. fenders of diameter 2500mm and larger equipped with safety valve for releasing excess internal pressure when the fenders are over-compressed accidentally.
Fender assembly for the end of metal, by inside and outside the two flanges with bolts, nut clamping, center is a valve, its structure is similar to automobile tire valve.
3. The purpose of the pneumatic rubber fender
3.1ship to ship berthing
Accompanied by a large ship, the risk of two ship berthing at sea is also increased, especially when the weather changes, accompanied by wind and waves.Adopt pneumatic fender as side of the buffer, not only make heavy berthing becomes easy, and improve the efficiency of the transportation operations. Pneumatic  fender is mainly used for: Ice in the Antarctic ocean fishing ships, large oil tanker berthing.

3.2 Using for terminal dock protection
As the ship is very large, the cause of berthing impact energy have multiplied. Inflatable rubber fender, because of its high energy absorption and low reaction force features are widely used.
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