Wholesale Multi Pulse Sonic Solar Power Snake Repeller

Wholesale Multi Pulse Sonic Solar Power Snake Repeller
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Category:Pest Control


Principle and features:
1.Through the solar energy function, energy conservation and environmental protection.
2.Do not damage the wildlife, to protect the environment.

3.Also, it can be keep working 24Hours with rechargeable batteries.

4.Find out this kind of animal fearing or hating the audio frequency and made ultrasonic or send light, herding animals from its scope.

Model: RC-501
Material: ABS and Aluminum
Product name: Solar snake repeller
Package: 24pcs per carton
N.W: 8 kg/carton
G.W : 9 kg/carton
Carton size: 38*32*49CM
Retail box: 31*16*9CM
Solar Panel: Amorphous silicon,4.8V
Usage: Garden,Lawn,Farm,The pond,yard,Park...

First,check the ground surface before usign it,Frozen soil.irrigated or waterlogged groud is not suitable.

Second,dig a hole into solid earth to place the device.The density of the soil will be greatly affect effectiveness of the device.The solider the earth is,the better the device will be working.
that is ultrasonic sound deceives them,make them feel in danger,and forces them away from the vibrating area.
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