Solar Repel Mole Mice Mouse Rodent Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Outdoor

Solar Repel Mole Mice Mouse Rodent Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Outdoor
5 Floor, B Building, Anlibang Tech-Park, Xitian Village, Gongming Town, Guangming District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Warranty:3 years
Category:Pest Control


solar sonic mole repeller(RC-507)

1. Principle--Emits sonic pulse every 30 seconds. This is a piercing Ultrasonic pulse and vibration that will penetrate the soil underground, which will not physically harm these pests, only let them feel uncomfortable and escape.

2.Efficient Solar Powered-- A high-tech solar panel is built in the solar mole repeller. The battery will recharge from the solar panel automatically.

3.Chemical-free--The ultrasonic pulses will enter the soil to create sonic waves and vibrations to scare away burying pests such as gophers, snakes, mice, moles ect. without using harmful chemicals and poisons that can harm your soil, pets and family

4.Weatherproof-- Suitable for all weather conditions. But Choose the best sun location, so the solar panel to can receive the light as directly as possible.

5. Easy to Use--Just take it out, connect the head and spike, then directly inserted it into the soil.

Product parameters:

Model RC-507
Material ABS
Product height 385mm
Product area 80*95mm
Solar panel Polysilicon 65*60mm
Frequency 400-1000Hz
Effective scope 650m2
Battery 1.2V 800MAH
Retail box 39.5*10*8.5cm
Carton size 45*32*42cm
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