High Current Slip Ring

High Current Slip Ring
Hejing Industrial Park, Heping Fuyong, Baoan District Shenzhen, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Electrical Contacts and Contact Materials


DTS-65X3P360 slip rings is designed for passing 3 ways 360A current in one body,of which the current was lead out by copper strip from stator side and rotor side. The shaft of slip rings is made by heat-resisting plastic. Copper alloy material leads a reliable contact. This kind of slip ring is designed for 60RPM, based on good thermal design & heat-resisting materials.
A Feature:
1) One-piece shaft design;
2) Copper alloy contact materials;
3) Separated design;
4) High operating speed;
5) Fit for use in the working condition of high temperature.

B Technical specification:

Channels:3 rings(for signal)
Operation Voltage:0~380VAC/DC
Operate Speed:60RPM
Contact material:Precious Metal
Operate temperature:-30~240℃
Electric noise:Max.40m Ω
Dielectric strength:500VAC@50Hz,60s
Insulation resistance:500MΩ @600VDC

C Application:
● Rotary tables, test equipment;
● Plating line;
● High-power system;
● Cable reels.
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