COG LCD display module 16*2

COG LCD display module 16*2
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Category:Display Modules
LCC1602C Specification:

Module size: 41.4mm(L)*24.3mm(W)* 4.0mm(H)

Viewing area: 37.6mm(L)*12.8mm(W)

Character size: 1.82mm(L)*4.13mm(W)

Character pitch: 2.16mm(L)*4.63mm(W)


1.Driver method: 1/16 duty, 1/5 bias, VDD3.3V, VLCD5.5V;

2.Display type: FSTN Positive Transflective;

3.Viewing angle: 6: 00

4.Operating Temp.: -20~+70

5.Storge Temp: -30~+80

6.Built-in controller (ST7032) 4 line SPI

7.Backlight type: Edge White 2.8V-3.0V/ 45mA

8.RoHS complaint.

We have other size COG LCD displays as below,
LCC1201A Dimension: 69.0*16.0mm V.A.63.0*9.24mm
LCC1401A Dimension: 72.5*16.0mm V.A.67.0*9.24mm
LCC1602A Dimension: 49.7*25.3mm V.A.45.7*14.3mm
LCC1602C Dimension: 41.4*24.3mm V.A.37.6*12.8mm
LCC1602Ci Dimension: 56.8*26.2mm V.A.45.7*14.3mm
LCC1602D Dimension: 65.0*27.7mm V.A.61.0*15.7mm
LCC2002A Dimension: 74.5*25.0mm V.A.61.0*15.1mm
LCC2002B Dimension: 75.7*37.6mm V.A.61.0*15.1mm
LCC2002C Dimension: 97.5*33.0mm V.A.87.5*20.5mm
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