Embossing Mattress

Embossing Mattress
Shenzhou, Hebei Province, Hengshui, China


Embossing Mattress

1. Good support, good fit
ROEN full memory cotton material, like a jelly Q bomb delicate, lie down on the memory foam mattress, memory foam mattress because of its special nature, can give back the memory of spine curve, superior support, perfect fit body curves, when the pressure was released, gradually restored to the original.

2. Pressure-relieving

Cotton is the biggest characteristic of memory can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, but the general mattress will have a reaction to the human body, so the spine and joint will be mattress extrusion, people will feel pain and paralysis, and the memory of cotton does not force people, like floating in the clouds, the whole body blood smooth so, people will sleep very comfortable.

3. Turn over without interference, antiseptic and anti mite

The special material of memory cotton inhibits the growth of bacteria and mites, which is very good for pregnant women and children who are prone to allergy. And turning around frequently does not cause any involvement or interfere with their partners' sleep. And the unique release pressure resistance of the memory cotton is good for the gravitational buffering effect.
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