Drum Cleaner

Drum Cleaner
Yuantai Garden A Zone, Wenfeng Avenue, Long'an District, Anyang City, Henan Province, 455000, China
Category:Other Farm Machines
Drum Separator also called Drum Sieve is mainly used in the pre-cleaning section of raw grain. It is with one perforated rotating drum sieve inside to remove coarse impurities such as mud blocks, pieces of wood, bag tapes, paper, pieces of wood, and corn (maize) leaves and cobs, etc. from raw grain.


- High capacity for removing coarse impurities up to 300t/h

- With self-cleaning brush

- Easy and quick to clean or replace the sieve

- With wear-resistant sieve to reduce the maintenance requirements and increase service life of the machine

- Reliable pre-cleaning effect of raw grain can well protect all the downstream equipment against damage to lower running cost of the whole plant.

- Totally enclosed design and dust aspiration connection will make the plant stay clean and ensure workers’ safety and health.
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