Ram Punching Machine MODEL LPM

Ram Punching Machine MODEL LPM
Warranty1 year
CategoryPunching Machines
LPM Label punching machine with raw waste mouth is suitable for the production of not only all kinds of material labels including paper labels, leather labels, textile labels, and also plastic cards, playing cards, aluminum foil, aluminum plastic, New year card, note book, name card, envelopes of any design of size with an average speed about 900000 pcs per hour. This machine adopts hydraulic pressure system. With a push-cube self-adjusting to every position of the “V” hold where the pack is positioned in order to obtain a homogeneous pressure and distribution of the paper, the working table has a photoelectric cell which gives maximum safety to the operator and allows a quick change of the hollow punch and is adaptable both for low and medium production. The working process is completely stability. The die cutting products surface is smooth, and the size is unified and regular with high precision.

Note: the quality of paper products and die are in great relationship. Our company’s die is after completion of the process of the six high-quality die, characterized by high accuracy, high hardness, wear-resistant, Durable.

Main technical parameter:
Model: LPM-150 / LPM-220 / LPM-280 / LPM-400 / LPM-500
Max. cutting size: 110*110mm / 160*160mm / 200*200mm / 270*270mm / 340*340mm
Min. cutting size: 55*40mm / 55*40mm / 90*70mm / 120*120mm / 150*150mm
Cutting distance: 200mm
Cutting pressure: 16KN / 30KN / 40KN / 50KN / 50KN
Working speed: ±12000sheets/min
Power: 1.5kw / 2.2kw / 3kw / 4kw / 4kw
Weight: 300kgs / 360kgs / 560kgs / 900kgs / 1140kgs
Packing size: 1200*850*1400mm / 1450*850*1500mm / 2300*850*1600mm / 2500*1040*1660mm / 2700*1140*1860mm
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