high precision wheel loader scale

high precision wheel loader scale
36 Longding Enterprise Center, Hongsong Road, High & New Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan, 450004, China
Warranty1 year
CategoryWeighing Scales
Model Z17-MP
Brand VOZ
Version Flagship stand-alone version Flagship online version
Range 1 ton to 12 tons
Model Suitable for any type of loader
Print Built-in thermal printer
Warranty one year
Free gift computer / mobile client

Commonly used in: railways, mines, ports, ingredients, sand farms, etc.
1.Introduction of VOZ Ultimate (Z17-MP) wheel loader electronic scale:With the increasing demand of customers and the rise of the Internet of Things, the company has successively upgraded our products, developed a new intelligent network loader electronic weighing system Z17-MP type, upgraded the black and white display to a color display, and added various intelligent and voice reports, U disk data transmission, support network platform docking management (such as: WeChat, mobile APP, PC client, real-time monitoring of online weighing data), is a more intelligent automatic weighing scale, this equipment not only In addition to high precision and good stability, it is more advanced in terms of storing data and weighing the use range.

Flagship stand-alone version (VOZ-Z17MP)

◆ Beautiful appearance
◆ Overall system upgrade
◆Easy operation and convenience
◆Quick metering and weighing
◆Higher accuracy and accuracy
◆ longer service life
◆Customized function customization
◆ Data storage is safer
product properties
Model: Flagship stand-alone version (VOZ-Z17MP), flagship online version (VOZ-Z17WMP)
Dimensions: 215*200*250mm
Weighing range: 0-60000T
Graduation value: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 50kg
Weighing method: Fully automatic dynamic weighing
Protection level: IP61
System voltage: 10V-60V ultra wide working voltage
Instrument screen : 7 inch 800*480 true color screen
Printing equipment: Built-in imported thermal printer
Working temperature: -25°C - 85°C
Accuracy level: ±0.3 - 0.8%
Flagship Network Edition (VOZ-Z17WMP)
◆ Increase network transmission function
◆GPS positioning, track playback
◆ Remote data monitoring printing
◆Many vehicles are centrally managed
◆ docking enterprise ERP system
◆Multi-end operation choice
◆Secondary development according to demand
What is the cloud weighing system?
◆Universal Cloud Weighing Platform: Connected wheel loader electronic scale communication protocol via GPRS/WIFI network
◆Data upload/double direction communication: automatic upload of weighing data, parameter cloud backup to release information to the device
◆Remote weighing calibration: remote weighing calibration, replacing on-site calibration, quickly solving customer problems and improving efficiency
◆Real-time monitoring/track playback: Real-time monitoring of devices, judging whether abnormal work, viewing device working track
◆Data query / analysis statistics: weighing data query, analysis and statistical weighing data export and printing
◆Client automatic upgrade: software automatically updates to avoid installing WeChat client multiple times)
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