high precision industrial electronic crane scale

high precision industrial electronic crane scale
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Warranty:1 year
Category:Weighing Scales
1. Direct Display/Direct View Electronic Crane Scale
Direct view electronic crane scale features:
The electronic direct view crane scale can be divided into the scale body direct view type (that is the sensor and the scale body integrated), the wired operation box view (the crane operation control), the large screen view and the wireless transmission meter view (can be Microcomputer networking) four.

OCS-XS-XZ series direct-view electronic crane scale is combined with reliable advanced hardware circuit and scientific software. It adopts AT series single-chip microprocessor, high-speed and high-precision A/D conversion technology, and is designed by experts to shake the compensation circuit. Fast, precise and stable. With strong anti-interference ability, it can be widely used in various measurement occasions such as trade settlement, industrial and mining enterprises and storage terminals.

※Open and close the back design, it is more convenient to replace the battery
※The hook can be rotated 360 degrees, which is safe and convenient.
※High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy precision die-casting, beautiful and light
※With weight retention, zero return and division value switching function
※ 5-digit LED digital view with a height of 40mm and LED backlight, especially suitable for occasions where indoor light changes strongly

Direct view crane scale technical indicators:
※Rated working environment temperature -10 °C ~ 45 °C
※Environmental temperature buffer -30°C~85°C
※Environmental humidity ≤90%R.H
※View specifications 5-digit 30mm (1.2") LED view
※ Reading stability time <5.0S
※Accuracy level (execution standard GB/T11883-2002)
※Power supply mode 6V/4.5Ah rechargeable battery, continuous use more than 60 hours for one charging.
Direct view crane scale measurement requirements:
A/repetition: For the same load, the difference between multiple weighing results should not be greater than the absolute value of the maximum allowable error of the weighing.
B/rotation: The load is vertically hoisted at a level of 360o; the indication error of any angle of rotation within the range shall comply with the regulations.
C/eccentric load: The electronic hanging scale with multiple suspension points shall comply with the provisions of 4.5.2 of JJG555-1996.
D/multi-indicator: The difference between the indications of the different indicator devices and the printing device of the electronic crane scale should be zero.
E/error distribution: When testing each module of the electronic crane scale separately, the error distribution shall be carried out according to the provisions of 4.4.4 of JJG555-1996.
Crane trolley crane scale
High safety: pure steel shell, high-strength hook-and-loop rings and special weighing sensors ensure greater safety.
Advanced technology: High-quality large-scale integrated circuits ensure deliberate metering performance and long-term stability.
Wide applicability: widely used in warehousing, prevention, metallurgy, casting and other industries.
Simple operation: The infrared remote control design makes the operation of distance and distance as simple and convenient.)
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