VT Chain Blocks

VT Chain Blocks
No 8 Songyuan South Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 211300, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Manual Operated Chain Hoist


•Rational and advanced structure, dainty material with high toughness and strength
•Unique and exquisite design with beautiful appearance and famous reputation
•Compact design, small volume and size, light weight with big component strength
•Easy to carry and transport, use, operate and store, convenient for maintenance
•High safety, high reliability, high durability, sold well both domestic and overseas
•Good even excellent performance, simple steps but complex producing and treatment
•Efficient which saves labor, time and effort, economical and affordable prices
•Equipped with hardened load chain for flexibility and long wear-resistance
•Low headroom and lightweight steel construction even in confined spaces
•Common-used parts, universal and strong compatibility with wide application
•High and strict tested under 1.25 times the working load limit for security
•Advanced spray processing technology both inside and outside are painted
•Weston-type load brake requires no lubrication but with smooth operating and lifting
•Adopt weight inspection to ensure the performance of each part to give full play
•Adopt high-quality grade 80 alloy steel and top & bottom hook with heavy duty bolts
Capacity 0.5Ton-50Ton
Standard Lift 2.5m, 3 m
Use Lifting Up/Down
Drive Mode Gear
Warranty 1 year
Condition new
Inner part detail double pawl
Color orange, red, yellow, blue
Certification CE certificate, CE Standard
Hook material forged alloyed steel
Chain material G80 alloyed steel chain
Power supply manual
Surface treatment galvanized
Sling Type Chain
Application small cranes
Operation Hand Operated
H.S. Code 84251900
Package Cartons with pallet

VT Chain Blocks are a portable lifting device easily operated by hand, which can be attached to a trolley of any type as a traveling chain blocks and one kind of using simply and carrying easily manual hoisting machinery. After absorbing the advanced technology in the world, VT series chain hoist is improved on the basis of HSZ series. Except for the traditional characteristics of HSZ series chain hoist, VT type chain hoists need less hand-pull force, and they are safer, more beautiful and applicable. VT chain hoists adopt high mechanical efficiency and small chain tension and with chains equipped with latches and protection system for safety and security, this type use double pawl, double guide and are also in the framework style. More safety and hand pull lighter.
VT chain hoists are equipped with superior grade 80 load chains and forges and heat treated load hooks with batch traceability and stretch indicators, and 360 degree hand rotation with stroke to ratchet indicators. There are also double pawl brake linings, forged safety latch and sealed roller bearings. With fine and beautiful appearance and reasonable structure, they are environmental-friendly with stable operation and durable in use and service. Chain blocks are convenient manual lifting machinery, which are suitable for the short distance lifting of small equipment and goods, and the weight is generally not more than 100 ton. Hand chain hoist shell material is high quality alloy steel, strong wear resistance, high safety performance.
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