HOLO TB Automatic Finger Puncher

HOLO TB Automatic Finger Puncher
Wenzhou Honglong Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Nov 5, 2018
HOLO TB automatic finger punching machine is a high efficiency machine for punching fingers on workshop before the splicing press work .
This machine can finish the whole punching work by simply press the button, whole punching work fully automatic .
The operation more safety and easy .
Product Description
With standard two changeable finger size 10*80 and 20*80, angle cut die can custom-made
Die on the top operated by hydraulic cylinder.
Maximum thickness is up to 10mm for themoplastic conveyor belt.
Features and Benefits of finger cut machine
The finger size change easily by changing different dies .
Easy operation ,after clamp belt ,machine runs automaticly
High precision .the finger after punching is more clean .
Safety ,reduce manual work to avoid accident because of wrongly operation .
Accessories and options
Machine with two standard dies as size 10*80mm and 20*80mm
Other size as per request