HOLO QA1000 High Frequency Welding Machine

HOLO QA1000 High Frequency Welding Machine
No.148 First Building, Wuzhou International Trade Center, Feiyun, Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, 325000, China
Category:Plastic Welders


HOLO QA100 High Frequency welding machine is using for Fabrications of various cleats,steps and sidewalls can be done easily with this High.Frequency welding machine. for conveyor belt that made in PVC and PU.
Product Description of cleat welding machine
The HF Welding machine utilizes high frequency electromagnetic field to make
it's internal molecular rearrange.
The effect of welding is beautiful and firm .
The strength of welding is close to the strength of raw materials.
Features and Benefits of HF welding machine
Machine groove is deep and wide, convenients to weld large area.
Adopting high senstive spark protect device to avoid damaging the mould
welding length can be extended to 50mm or longer for one time
Accessories and options
Sidewall mould as per request
Cleat mould T10 T20-60 T70-80 as Per request
Honglong, provides high frequency welding machine such as hf welding machine, sidewall welding machine, cleat ,sidewall welding machine, v guide welding machine such as profile welding machine.
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