HOLO PA Air Cooled Press Machine

HOLO PA Air Cooled Press Machine
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HOLO PA serious air cooled press is an all-in-one solution for splicing thermoplastic conveyor belts (e.g. PVC PU PVK).
This splicing press vulcanizing machine No external control box, air pump, or water cooling tank are required.
The HOLO presses are provided with electric heating and built in air cooling. The splice process runs fully automated.
Product Description of belt vulcanizer
Splice pressure is applied by an internal compressor,
max. 2 bar
Heats up to a splice temperature of max. 200°C
Keeps it at the splice temperature (adjustable dwell time)
Cools down to the cooling temperature
(safe temperature to take the belt out)
For thicker belts a preheat temperature and preheat dwell time can be applied
The bottom heating can be set lower or higher than the top heating
The splice plate surface is 130 mm wide
Size PA300 PA600 PA900 PA1200 PA1500 PA1500H PA1800H PA2100H are available for now.
Features and Benefits:
Splice times as short as 8-12 minutes.
All-in-one unit with no external components .
Two dwell levels of temperature for thick belt .
Light and easy to handle.
Accessories and options
Flight Case included for storage and easy tranport to on-site work.
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