Sumitomo LS118RH5 LS218RH5 crawler crane track shoe

Sumitomo LS118RH5 LS218RH5 crawler crane track shoe
NO. 1, Tianzheng Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong, 264003, China
Category:Construction Machinery Parts


Sumitomo LS118RH5 LS218RH5 crawler crane track shoe should have high flexural strength and wear resistance. In order to avoid the high stress caused by sandwiching stones between the two adjacent track shoes, the pitch of Sumitomo LS118RH5 LS218RH5 crawler crane track shoe should be adjusted accurately. 

Material: 35SiMn, 28CrMnMo, 31Mn2SiMo
Technology: Casting
Heat Treatment: Whole quenching and tempering, then surface hardening
Warranty: 2000-2500 working hours

2.Package: Pallet

3.Available hot model:
Sumitomo SC350,Sumitomo SC400,Sumitomo SC500, Sumitomo SC500-2, Sumitomo SC500-3, Sumitomo SC550-2,Sumitomo SC550D-2,Sumitomo SC650, Sumitomo SC650-2, Sumitomo SC650DD-2, Sumitomo SC650-3, Sumitomo SC700, Sumitomo SC700DD, Sumitomo SC700-2, Sumitomo SC800, Sumitomo SC800HD, Sumitomo SC800-2, Sumitomo SC900-2, Sumitomo SC1000, Sumitomo SC1000HD, Sumitomo SC1000-2, Sumitomo SC1500, Sumitomo SC1500HD, Sumitomo SC1500-2, Sumitomo SC2000,Sumitomo SC2500,Sumitomo LS78RH, Sumitomo LS78RM, Sumitomo LS78RH5,Sumitomo LS78RHD5, Sumitomo LS98, Sumitomo LS108RM, Sumitomo LS108RH3, Sumitomo LS108RH5, Sumitomo LS110C,Sumitomo LS118RH3,Sumitomo LS118RH5, Sumitomo LS118RH, Sumitomo LS118RM, Sumitomo LS120RH5, Sumitomo LS138H, Sumitomo LS138RH5, Sumitomo LS138RHD5, Sumitomo LS208H, Sumitomo LS218H, Sumitomo LS218RH5, Sumitomo LS238RH2, Sumitomo LS238RH3, Sumitomo LS238RH5,Sumitomo LS248RH2, Sumitomo LS248RH5, Sumitomo LS368RH5, Sumitomo LS458HD, Sumitomo LS468HD, Sumitomo LS518, Sumitomo LS528, Sumitomo LS528-S,Sumitomo LS568HD, Sumitomo LS578HD, Sumitomo SD205, Sumitomo SD307, Sumitomo SD370,Sumitomo SD407, Sumitomo SD510, Sumitomo SD610,Sumitomo SP110, Sumitomo SP135, etc.
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