VK Lever Hoists

VK Lever Hoists
No 8 Songyuan South Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 211300, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Manual Operated Chain Hoist


•Highly efficient, robust construction with compact structure and perfect performance
•Small in size and light in weight, good reputation among markets, high safety component
•Easy to install, carry and store, simple operation, steady and dependable with low maintenance
•Adopt balanced and safe device for harmony, safe and dependable structure and operation
•With specific and comfortable rubber grip handle, good sealing with long service life
•Convenient enough to use without noise and any other pollutions, environmental-friendly
•Internal filtration system incorporated with strong unit offers high stability and reliability
•Equipped with asbestos free brake, it’s easy to hold load at any desired height and angle
•Made of special alloy steel, high-quality hardened load G80 chain is exclusively bearable
•Designed with premium brake system which ensures safe operation, strong compatibility
•For safety reason, VK Lever Hoists cannot be operated when the hoists are under load
•Customer-made with CE approved which is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
•Designed with heavy carrying capacity, heat treated carbon steel body and roller bearing
•Automatic Weston brake equipped with unique twin pawls, time-saving and labor-saving
•Equipped with safety tip design, strong hook latch allows for fine adjustment of load tension
•Strong endurance of harsh temperature and weather because of high-quality technology
•With complete safety device such as high tensile alloy chain and hook to guarantee safety
•With corrosion and wear resistant load chain, hoists are able to work efficiently and smoothly
•Customized products to design, reform and transport according to customers’ requirements
•High performance and durable quality with high-standard material and well engineering
Capacity 0.5Ton-9Ton
Type lever hoist
Condition new
Standard Lift 1.5 m
Use Lifting Up/Down
Warranty 1 year
Power lever
Color orange or as customer’s required
Drive Mode gear
Sling Type chain
Chain G80 grade
Operation manual operated
Application lifting platform, small cranes
H.S. Code 84251900
Certification CE, ISO9001:2001
Package cartons with pallet or plywood case
VK Lever Hoists are kind of universal, manual hoist for lifting, tensioning appliance in any direction, which use a gear and pawl mechanical configuration to lift or release tension. VK Lever Hoists feature compact design and robust, deep drawn and stamped steel construction. High quality materials ensure light weight without infringing reliability. VK Lever Hoists are used widely especially in limited places and outdoor aloft work, which can be operated from different angles and work in vertical and horizontal conditions. Thanks to the compact design and low headroom, they make the VK lever hoists simple to install even in confined areas.
Equipped with asbestos free brake, VK Lever Hoists are able to hold load at any desired height. They are ideal tools to install, carry, operate, repair, hoisting and especially show their excellent performance at any angles and in confined areas. When there is no electric power supply, they can deal with outdoors tasks perfectly. Equipped with premium brake system, VK lever hoists provide safe and excellent operation, low maintenance and extremely quiet. The hardened load chain can be pulled freely and easily in 360 degree to lift the load and to tension the alloy steel chain and provide long service life. The chains are made of special alloy steel that is exclusively bearable. For safety reason load chain cannot be done when the hoist is under load.
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