Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists

Single Phase Electric Chain Hoists
1 year
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Nov 6, 2018
•Simple construction, compact structure, small in size and east to carry
•Adopt best quality materials and advanced technology for best performance
•Quiet and comfortable operation with low vibration and great stability
•Environmental-friendly with low noise and low power consumption
•The customized product can be designed for meeting the users’ demand
•Can move quickly and with automated and swing punching machines
•Greatly improve efficiency and decrease the labor cost and mechanical loss
•With heavy-duty single-phase/3 phase capacitor to start induction motors
•Have unique design, nice and dine appearance and well-packaged
Capacity 1Ton-2Ton (With Hook Suspension) -- 1 phase capacitor motor (aluminum alloy shell)
1Ton-5Ton (With Hook Suspension) -- 1 phase capacitor motor (iron shell)
0.5Ton-10Ton (With Hook Suspension) – 3 fazes VFD
Standard Lift 3 m
Use lifting Up/Down
Drive Mode motor
Sling Type chain
Certification CE, ISO9001
Condition new
Phase single
Color orange
Maximum height >20m
Operation with pedant cable push button or remote control
Power Supply 220v, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase
Chain falls 1, 2
Temperature -15℃-40℃
Casing protection closed type
Rotor structure squirrel-cage
Control Voltage 24v, 36v, 48v
H.S. Code 84251100
Package plywood case

Single phase electric chain hoists, with compact and tough shape, made of high aluminum alloy shell or iron shell, which is light but hard. Our single phase electric chain hoists adopt three-phase induction or single phase induction motors. They are developed with new techniques and renewal and upgrading. All single phase electric chain hoists products in experienced strict quality management and are controlled from purchasing to delivery. For the sake of safety and reliability, single phase electric chain hoists are equipped with sensitive steady electro-magnetic braking device-inverse service and sequence protecting device-limit switch with lowest repair rate.
The principle of phase change is to use 1 phase, also called “split-phase” capacitor motor or use VFD then change 3 phase to 1 phase, the advantage of using VFD is more reliable and safety, but the disadvantage is the price is much higher than with capacitor motor. While considering the high efficiency and reliability of single phase, it is recommended for customers to use VFD to achieve the exchange of 3 phase and single phase. Also, it can automatically keep the output voltage stable when input voltage fluctuating. The primary difference between single phase and three phases lie on voltage that received through each type of wire.
All in all, this kind of single phase electric chain hoists can meet the needs for a large segment of industry. The convenience of single phase hoists is the difference between an easy load in, and a larger labor call under many circumstances. The starting torque of single phase induction motor is low, whereas the starting torque of three phase induction motor is high. One of the greatest advantages is that the single phase motors are easy to repair and maintain while that of three phase motor is relatively difficult and more expensive. Therefore, due to the single phase motors are simple in construction, reliable and economical as compared to three phase induction; we recommend you strongly the use of single phase electric chain hoists. Continuous working time is 15 min for iron cover and 30 min for aluminum alloy single phase hoists, and only with hook suspension type for single phase with capacitor motor is available, but none with electric trolley type since there is no single phase for electric trolley.